Dreams for the holidays

Going for umrah

Going to theme parks

Working out

Take a test for my motorcycle licence

Finish up my homeworks early


Playing video games

Becoming a potato couch



In the begining (the first two weeks)

Well, at first i was very diciplined. I wake up early at 5.30 a.m. and  took a shower before doing my 'Subuh' prayer. I didn't sleep after that. Don't be shocked but after i did my 'Subuh' prayer, i put on my tracksuit and went for a morning stroll around my neighbourhood. Yes i know. I'm very active thank you for noticing. I walked alone. Well i wasn't really alone. I was acompanied by my phone. I listened to my favourite songs while strolling. At around 7.30 to 7.40 a.m. i went back home and after that i lived my normal daily life. But this was just the begining. You can say that this story is about to change completely when my holiday reaches from the middle till the end.

In the middle till it almost ends

After my friends got their licence, i started going out at night. At first we only went out to watch football matches at a restaurant near my house. I haven't took my motorcycle test yet so i can't ride my motorcycle in the big open road with me steering it. The latest i can be outside of my house area was only 12.30 a.m. If i went home more than 12.30, i can't go out the next night. When time flies, my parents are trusting me more and more. So one day, i went for a sleepover at my friends' house. There were three other of my friends' having a sleepover at his house too. We played video games until it was 4 a.m. But that's not the best part. Right after playing video games, one of my friends was hungry. Then, i gave the idea. "Let's go to Macdonald's!!!". And do you know what we did? We start up our motorcycles and went for a snack at Macdonald's. Haha. Here are videos as proof.

In conclusion..

As conclusion, i had a very great time with my friends and family. We did a lot of fun activities together. If it wasn't for them, my holidays will not be fun at all. My friends are not just ordinary friends. They are my 'members' (a word to describe a relationship higher than bestfriends). I hope all of us will meet more often. See you at school guys.