Ramadhan is finally here

Ah yes. The time has finally come again. My favourite month, Ramadhan. This is the month Where Muslims fast which is not to drink and eat from sunrise till sunset. For me, this years' Ramadhan is celebrated at home for two weeks and another 10 days at my college. During these two weeks, I did some fun activities with my friends and family members. I didn't do much actually. My parents are kind of busy at work so during working days, i did routine at home which is wake up, take a shower, play video games until 4 p.m., study for ! hour and spend the rest of the evening having a stroll around my neighbourhood. I did this for a whole week. I did go out to watch movies at night with my friends. We watched 'Wonder Woman'. Man I should say that she's over the top pretty! Hahaha. In conclusion, we don't have to care whether what we do or who are we doing it with. It's just come to show is that as long as we have friends and family, cherish them forever.

Interesting QnA's

I have a task to answer some interesting questions that may seem a little bit unlogic but it's very fun to answer. Let's start answering shall we?

  1. If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?
       ans: I would have dinner with Albert Einstein. I want to see how high his thinking skills are. From what I kow, he's one of the most briliant and clever people in the world!

      2. Would you rather be the best player on a horrible team or the worst player on a great team?
       ans: Obviously I would be the best player on the worst team. Eventhough my team is a horrible team, I could change them. If I'm the bestest amongst them, i could be the captain of my team and I could guide them to victory.

      3. What's your most emberrassing childhood memory?

       ans: My most emberrassing memory that I could not forget since a was in primary school is, the one day that I went to the bathroom and forgot to zip up my trousers at school. That day was very emberrassing for me. Lucky for me, not many saw me but the ones who saw me with an unzipped trousers laugh at me like there was no tomorrow.

      4. What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

       ans: This is a fun question. I would scare as many people as I want and I don't have to care who they are. I would also pick up fights like i could kick someone from the back and  that someone will blame the person near him/her and they would fight and i'm not to blame.

      5. Name a celebrity you think is lame.

       ans: The celebrity who I thnk is lame is a Malaysian celebrity named Ismail Izani. He's a singer but I don't really like his songs and him. I mean what kind of song uses the words "open up your eyes and hear my words" in the lyrics!? That's freaky and weird. He likes singing slow and emotional songs which is not on my genre of favourite songs.


Hye everyone!!! My name is Daniel Faizul Amin but my friends call me Jacob. Why do they call me Jacob you ask? Well it's a long story. Maybe i'll tell you that story later. This is my first time making a blog as it is an assignment from my teachers for the school holidays. Yes i'm not lying. Making a blog as an assignment. It's crazy but it's fun. I have to fill my blog with activities i did during the school holidays. I'll try to make my blog as entertaining as possible.

WARNING: Brace yourselves before reading because your mind will be blowned by the awesomeness of my blog!! BOOM!! Haha just kidding. ENJOY!!!!!

By the way, this is the real me. The picture of the ape is just my profile picture. And no, my face is not similar like the ape.

Interesting Food I Tried

For the whole vacation week, the most memorable dish that i've tried was a very cheesy macaroni and cheese made by my aunty. It was very very very cheesy that everytime you take a bite, some cheese would explode in your mouth. It was so delicious but i didn't eat much as i don't like to eat so much cheese. I like eating cheese but not too much. I'm gonna ask my aunty for the recipe and i'll add in more ingredients to make it more delighting.

Activities that I did

Well, for the week, i did not do anything interesting except for studying and just playing around with my siblings. Ahaaaa i forgot, there are some interesting things that i did during the week. Last Wednesday, i played futsal with some of Terranova's batchmates. It was very fun. I've even scored a goal for my team. Besides that, i also learned how to play some songs with a piano. I learned like a song for a day but i've only learned my favourite part of the songs. I'm gonna train to play the piano and try to play excelently. One day, i'm gonna make my parents as well as my friends proud of me as i can play the piano as well as Yiruma. For example, i'll play a song with a piano at any of my families' weddings or i'll play the piano at a big dinner with all of my friends. That is my DREAM.

Dreams for the holidays

Going for umrah

Going to theme parks

Working out

Take a test for my motorcycle licence

Finish up my homeworks early


Playing video games

Becoming a potato couch