In the middle till it almost ends

After my friends got their licence, i started going out at night. At first we only went out to watch football matches at a restaurant near my house. I haven't took my motorcycle test yet so i can't ride my motorcycle in the big open road with me steering it. The latest i can be outside of my house area was only 12.30 a.m. If i went home more than 12.30, i can't go out the next night. When time flies, my parents are trusting me more and more. So one day, i went for a sleepover at my friends' house. There were three other of my friends' having a sleepover at his house too. We played video games until it was 4 a.m. But that's not the best part. Right after playing video games, one of my friends was hungry. Then, i gave the idea. "Let's go to Macdonald's!!!". And do you know what we did? We start up our motorcycles and went for a snack at Macdonald's. Haha. Here are videos as proof.

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