Activities that I did

Well, for the week, i did not do anything interesting except for studying and just playing around with my siblings. Ahaaaa i forgot, there are some interesting things that i did during the week. Last Wednesday, i played futsal with some of Terranova's batchmates. It was very fun. I've even scored a goal for my team. Besides that, i also learned how to play some songs with a piano. I learned like a song for a day but i've only learned my favourite part of the songs. I'm gonna train to play the piano and try to play excelently. One day, i'm gonna make my parents as well as my friends proud of me as i can play the piano as well as Yiruma. For example, i'll play a song with a piano at any of my families' weddings or i'll play the piano at a big dinner with all of my friends. That is my DREAM.

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