Ramadhan is finally here

Ah yes. The time has finally come again. My favourite month, Ramadhan. This is the month Where Muslims fast which is not to drink and eat from sunrise till sunset. For me, this years' Ramadhan is celebrated at home for two weeks and another 10 days at my college. During these two weeks, I did some fun activities with my friends and family members. I didn't do much actually. My parents are kind of busy at work so during working days, i did routine at home which is wake up, take a shower, play video games until 4 p.m., study for ! hour and spend the rest of the evening having a stroll around my neighbourhood. I did this for a whole week. I did go out to watch movies at night with my friends. We watched 'Wonder Woman'. Man I should say that she's over the top pretty! Hahaha. In conclusion, we don't have to care whether what we do or who are we doing it with. It's just come to show is that as long as we have friends and family, cherish them forever.

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